Portapack are specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of portable fluid handling equipment. Our range includes units designed to save time and cost in the application and use of a wide range of fluids from oils and greases to insecticides and industrial chemicals. This catalogue covers the main items in our range. We will be happy to supply further details of any items or discuss your own specialist requirements if needed.

Supafilta Portble oil processor

Supafilta Portble oil processor
The Supafilta offers a radical solution to the age old problem of oil contamination. Conventional systems require frequent oil changes in order to prevent a build up of contaminations. Oil changes are expensive both in time and equipment. Contamination build up causes excessive component wear and drastically shortens equipment life resulting in even greater expense.
By using a revolutionary design of filter the Supafilta removes virtually all harmful oil contaminants including water, acids, tars, resins and solid particles down to 0.01 microns.
Using the Supafilta, working oil can be kept ‘superclean’ almost indefinitely; safeguarding precious machinery and eliminating the need for costly oil changes.
★ Prolongs oil life almost indefinitely by removing harmful contaminants that pass through conventional filters.
★ Protects costly machinery, reducing breakdown and maintenance downtime.
★ Suitable for light mineral-based oils including transformer oils and hydraulic fluids.
★ Can be carried to process oil directly at the reservoir.
★ Plug flow filters – highly efficient, low cost, easy no mess changes.
★ Oil flow rate of 10 litres/min.
★ Fitted with pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, ON/OFF switch mains indicator light and MCB.
★ Runs on single phase mains supply.
★ Can be used with pressure switch kit and full range of Supafilta elements.

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